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Home Remodeling

Looking to upgrade your entire home, Valcon General has the expertise and professionalism that you will need to undertake such a large project. We understand that once you decide to remodel your entire home, it can be an overwhelming and stressful situation. With the professionals at Valcon General, your home remodel will be completed to your specifications, using quality materials and craftsmanship, so you will not only love the end result and add real value to your home for years to come. Valcon General will take you through the process, making sure you understand each step of the way, and making sure your vision stays on track. From picking out wall paints, the right type of flooring, woodwork, countertops, appliances, cabinets, right down to the smallest detail, thus ensuring the final product to not only surpass your vision, but one you will be proud to call home. A complete Phoenix home remodel entails many things including permits, finding the right quality products, professional and experienced sub-contractors, and the ability to make all these things flow together so the process goes smoothly. If you are thinking about a major Phoenix home remodel, we would be honored to assist you with this process.

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Kitchen Remodeling

When it comes to remodeling choices, the first choice of most clients to remodel is the kitchen, which makes sense since the kitchen is the place where families spend a majority of their time. One of Valcon General’s strengths is kitchen remodeling. Over the years, Valcon General has become known as one of the Valley’s premier contractors for kitchen remodeling in Phoenix. Valcon does not work with a set of kitchen designs, rather we take time to get to know our clients, taking their vision and designing the kitchen accordingly, so when the project is complete, they will have the kitchen of their dreams. Valcon General has the expertise to help you coordinate your kitchen, so the cabinets work with the color of the countertops, and the flooring enhances the entire view. We let no small detail to chance, from paint colors to the type of door handles to appliances to the correct molding . We go over each item to ensure our customer receives the kitchen design they wanted.

Valcon General Services
We know how stressful it can sometimes get when starting a kitchen remodeling project, but working with the seasoned professionals at Valcon General will ensure your life will run more smoothly knowing that Valcon General only uses quality materials and experienced, licensed, and insured sub-contractors on your project. If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, give us a call and experience firsthand the Valcon General difference. Below are before and after pictures of some of the many kitchen remodel projects we have completed over the years:

Bathroom Remodeling

Next to the kitchen, a Phoenix bathroom remodeing project is the most popular with clients. We also realize that a bathroom remodel project, done the right way, can add real value to your home. Over the past years, Valcon General has completed over 100 bathroom remodels ranging from minor makeovers to a full blown bathroom remodel, complete with new custom cabinets, premier lighting, new shower and/or bathtub, granite countertops, custom matching tiles, and one of hundreds of designs for the shower, bathtub, and sink fixtures. Valcon General can show you ways that your new bathroom remodel will not only be the one you design, but one that will be a fabulous addition to your home as well as functional. We believe that the bathroom design should reflect your tastes that reflect how you have decorated the rest of your home, thus ensuring it will add to the home you already have designed. We offer an endless choice of colors, cabinet styles, tile colors and textures, finishes, and fixtures to choose from, and, as always, our sub-contractors are experienced, professional, licensed, bonded and insured. If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, please give us a call, and let Valcon General show you just how beautiful and functional your bathroom can be. Below are before and after pictures of some of the many bathroom remodel projects we have completed over the years:

Valcon General’s Service Areas

Commercial – Tenant Improvements

If you are considering remodeling your current office space or looking to move to a new office space and are in need of having the new space renovated to your particular needs, Valcon General has built an impressive resume in the Valley when it comes to PHX Commercial Tenant Improvements. Whether you are building new office space or simply remodeling your current space to accommodate your current situation, Valcon has the expertise to not only create a space that you will be proud of, but also to bring in the project on time and budget. Below are some pictures of some of the Commercial Tenant Improvement projects we have completed over the years:


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