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Over the past decade, the home office has become a vital room in the home. It’s no longer being assigned to a back space in the basement or a little nook in a hardly used area in the home. Thanks to a vast increase in people with flexible work hours and those that are self-employed, it is fast becoming one of the must-have residential amenities, and, in fact, it’s almost on par with remodeled Phoenix kitchens and bathrooms when discussing North Phoenix office remodeling in the home.

According to reports from various publications across the country, it’s one of the top three designs clients are asking for. Now, whether they are working for themselves or employed by a company, almost twenty-five million people are working from their home offices, and almost three million people consider their only place of work to be their homes. As we have seen across the valley, the number of at-home workers is on the rise and, as such, these workers are demanding their North Scottsdale remodeled home office space be a top-notch space to work in.

Also, if you will be having clients stop by, you will need enough room to make them feel comfortable. The next item we look at is your workflow. Your office should work for you, not the other way around. Your desk, shelves, and storage space should be laid out so everything that is vital to you should be at your fingertips. Also, when it comes to storage, we highly recommend custom made storage units. This way, this is no space wasted, and they will be customized to your particular needs.

When we discuss what color to paint the home office space, we encourage the client to choose a color that will instill some excitement, one that will get you up and ready to do more business instead of just picking a neutral beige color.

Another area we discuss with our clients is the window area. We like to design the home office space with the desk near the window; it helps with productivity and makes the work much more enjoyable. If the room doesn’t have a window, we will do our best to come up with a different option.

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As you can see, there is quite a lot that goes into creating the perfect home office space, and this is why it is extremely vital to have the right General Contractor for the project—a General Contractor who has the experience and expertise necessary for pulling the proper permits, making sure all the work is performed by licensed and insured subcontractors, one who only uses top-quality materials and has the ability to manage all these moving parts so your home office project goes smoothly.


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