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One thing about living in the Valley of the Sun is that we have the opportunity to use our patio areas all year long, never having to shovel snow to get to the grill. There is nothing greater than sitting back on the patio, enjoying a burger from the grill, and enjoying the great Arizona weather. If you are considering remodeling your patio area, your first step is to hire an experienced General Contractor who has been remodeling patios across the Valley in such cities as Cave Creek, Chandler, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, and one that has over ten years of experience in this area, and that Phoenix AZ remodeling contractor is Valcon General. Once you have decided to remodel your patio, Valcon General will sit down with you and take whatever time is necessary to develop a game plan for your patio that will be exactly what you envision it to look like and with the budget you have to work with. The first area that we discuss with our clients is what kind of flooring they would like for their patio? Here are 3 of the most popular options clients choose for their patio:

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Stained & Scored Concrete:

If your patio is now a concrete patio, and you are looking for a solution to dress it up, you may want to consider staining the concrete. There is a vast array of colors you can choose from when staining the concrete so it will mimic stone, tile, or other surfaces. In addition, you can get very creative and use several types of stains to make a design or pattern for your patio floor. By scoring the concrete floor, it will give your patio the appearance of grouted tile. If your taste is one that wants a more detailed option, you may want to look at such things as engraving, concrete painting, or stenciling.

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If your taste runs more to a natural look including your surrounding landscaping, then stone would be the right choice to turn your patio into a beautiful one. There are so many choices of colors and textures when discussing stone so that whatever color you want, you will be sure to find it. Another great aspect of a stone patio floor is that you can have the stone cut into squares, and then have them laid in a tile-like pattern, or you could have natural stone installed and fill the gaps with sand or mortar.

Composite Decking:

If your tastes run toward the look of a wooden deck but you are not crazy about the idea of staining the wood or, worse yet, dealing with rot, composite decking may be the best choice for you. There are quite a lot of choices of color when talking about composite decking, plus it can mimic the feel of real wood without all the trouble that comes with real wood. A plus regarding composite decking is that it will not rot and it’s designed to last much longer than real wood. Even considering the extra expense with this product, in the long run, it will be a much better value for you.

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Now with patio remodels there are many other things to consider such as: mist systems, built-in barbeque grill, fire pit, shading, ceiling fans, and painting, to name a few. With Valcon General’s approach to home remodeling services, we can present you not only with the perfect plan for your patio, but keep it on budget, and complete it on time so you will be enjoying many days of fun on your patio for years to come. We look forward to working with you in the near future on your Phoenix patio remodeling project.


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