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Mesa, AZ, which is the third largest city in Arizona, is home to over four hundred sixty thousand residents and over forty seven thousand businesses. With their incredible growth over the past twenty years, Mesa has also seen the development of such neighborhood communities as Apache Country Club Estates, Avalon Grove, Citrus Walls, Thunder Mountain, and Sky Mountain Estates, which are just a few of the incredible neighborhood communities found in Mesa, AZ. All of these community developments and/or neighborhoods have been designed to have their own unique style, but all of these homeowners will tell you that they share one deep belief that they will do whatever it takes to ensure their homes stay in the best shape possible because, in most instances, their homes are a huge portion of their assets.

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Mesa’s Trusted Remodeling Contractor

Could the future hold a major or minor home remodeling project in Mesa, Arizona? Whether that project you would like to start is a bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, a garage remodel, a Mesa home office remodel, a patio remodel, or a complete home makeover, the very top of your remodel list is to hire the right General Contractor so that your home remodeling project will run smoothly and on time. In selecting the right General Contractor for your project, you will want one with extensive experience, who only utilizes sub-contractors who are experienced, licensed and insured, will only use appliances and building materials that are top quality, and who has that ability to understand exactly what the client wants the project to look like, understands their concerns, and knows what it will take to ensure that the final product will be what the client wanted from the beginning.

For these reasons, many homeowners in the Mesa, AZ area have made the decision that the right General Contractor for their remodeling project is Valcon General, no matter if their remodeling project is for their custom built home, subdivision home, townhouse, or condo.

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Mesa Kitchen Remodeling

When discussing remodeling projects with clients, generally, the first room on their wish list is the room where the family spends the majority of their time — the kitchen. Hiring Valcon General as your contractor for this project, with their more than ten years experience, is the best way possible to make sure your project is in the best hands possible and to ensure your project turns out the way you envisioned it would. When going over the plans for the Mesa kitchen remodel, the very first item we discuss with our clients is what their choice of cabinets will be.

Custom Cabinet Design & Installation

Because of our years of remodeling experience, we highly urge our clients to only consider custom cabinets in their new kitchen. We highly recommend these for two reasons: one, what the needs will be for your family, custom cabinets and drawers are specific to those demands, and because they are custom made, we can utilize every inch of space, thus, creating more storage space in the kitchen; and, secondly, these custom-made cabinets will most certainly increase the overall value of your house, and, in most cases, will outlive any big-box purchased cabinets.

More Custom Kitchen Options

After picking out the exact custom-made cabinets for your new kitchen, you will now have several more decisions to make regarding such things as faucet and sink styles, flooring options, lighting fixture options, paint colors, appliance choices, and backsplash choices, keeping in mind what your budget for the project is and how all of the many options will complement each other so it will look like the dream kitchen you have always wanted.

Throughout this process, considering how it may cause a little stress with all the choices to be made, Valcon General will be there to guide you through the process, thus making the decisions much easier.

Valcon General’s Service Areas

Mesa Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors for your Mesa Arizona ProjectIf your remodeling wishlist has a master or guest bathroom project at the top, then your first call should be to Valcon General with a track record of well over a hundred bathroom remodels and in excess of ten years experience as the contractor running your remodeling project. As with previous remodeling projects we talked about, again, you will have numerous choices to decide on, such as showerheads, faucets, shower or bathtub settings, tile choices, and paint colors for your Mesa AZ bathroom remodel.

As before, Valcon General’s expert guidance can be a great help to you in making these decisions, thus eliminating a lot of tension for the client to make the whole process run smoothly. As with the kitchen remodel, we feel having custom cabinets installed is the only way to go.


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    Mesa Patio Remodeling

    If there are other remodeling projects you may be considering, such as a home office remodel, garage remodel, home patio remodeling, or a complete home remodel, Valcon General has the experience required to handle these types of remodels and will ensure that the project is done right and on budget.

    Over the years, we have found it very important to make sure we spend whatever time is necessary to ensure that all our clients questions and concerns are addressed, going over all the plans as many times as needed, so the client will feel that their remodeling project is in the right hands, namely, Valcon General’s. We take very seriously our stellar reputation for professionalism and workmanship, all the while keeping in mind our promise to all of our clients: that no job is complete until the client is completely satisfied. If you are thinking about a remodeling project for your Mesa, AZ home, townhouse, or condo, we sincerely hope you will consider Valcon General to be your general contractor.