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Gilbert, AZ, has grown from a little town of about six thousand people in 1980 to over two hundred and forty thousand residents today, which is one of the most explosive growth rates in the entire country. Gilbert, AZ is home to such diverse neighborhoods and community developments such as Marbella Vineyards, Seville, Spectrum at Val Vista, Estates at the Spectrum, Ashley Heights, or one of the many unique community developments that call Gilbert, AZ home.

As you well know, each community development and/or neighborhood has its own unique style, but the one thing that all the homeowners in these developments share is their commitment to keeping their homes in the best shape possible because, in most situations, their homes represent a major portion of their assets.

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Choosing a General Contractor

If you are looking at either a major or minor remodeling project for your Gilbert, AZ home, whether that remodel would entail a bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, patio remodeling project, garage remodel, home office remodel, or a complete home remodel, the first thing on your list should be to hire the right General Contractor for the project. This Gilbert General Contractor should have extensive experience and expertise who only utilizes superior subcontractors that are fully licensed and insured, uses only top-shelf materials and appliances, and also one who has that special quality to understand what the client’s wishes and plans are for their remodeling project and will do what it takes to ensure the final project results are what the client initially wanted for their project.

It is for these specific reasons that so many homeowners in the Gilbert, AZ area have made the right choice in hiring Valcon General as their remodeling General Contractor. With Valcon General as your General Contractor, whether your project is for a custom built house, subdivision home, townhome or condo, you will have made the best decision to ensure your project runs smoothly.

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Kitchen Remodeling Services

Usually, the first room in the home that clients want to completely re-do is their kitchen where they spend a majority of their time. If this is the case with your home, Valcon General, with over ten years of experience doing kitchen remodels and with superior attention to detail, is the only general contractor you want directing your project. Remember, there are almost no limits when designing your dream kitchen.

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Our first item of business, when discussing a Phoenix kitchen remodel, is what type of cabinets to install. In almost every case, because of our vast experience, we urge our clients to consider installing custom cabinets in the kitchen. We highly recommend custom cabinets for two reasons: first, the drawers and cabinets can be fit to what exactly your family’s kitchen needs may be, and because they are custom made, no space will be wasted; and secondly, your home will surely increase in overall value since custom cabinets will outlast store bought cabinets.

After your custom cabinet choices have been finalized, you will have many options and choices to make for counter-tops, back-splash choices, paint colors, faucet and sink styles, lighting fixtures, kitchen fixtures, appliances, and flooring options, keeping in mind how these will complement each other and still stay within your budget. Throughout this entire process, Valcon General will be there for you, guiding you through the process, therefore giving you, the client, more peace of mind knowing your project is in good hands.

Valcon General’s Service Areas

Professional Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Services with Valcon General in Gilbert, ArizonaCould your future hold a major or a minor master bathroom or guest bathroom remodeling? In performing over one hundred bathroom remodeling projects and with more than ten years of experience, the best choice you can make would be to hire Valcon General to be your General Contractor. Again, with this project, you will have many choices to make with regard to the texture and color of the walls, shower or bathtub settings you would like to have, tile choices, paint colors, faucets, showerheads, and finishes.

While all this may seem to be quite a lot of work and stress, Valcon General, with their experience, will walk you through the process, ensuring that your project will run smoothly and be less stressful for you. Again, our recommendation is that you only use custom-made cabinets, and our experienced experts can help you choose the correct flooring to make your dream bathroom a reality.


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    Other Remodeling Projects

    If you are considering other remodeling projects such as an AZ home office remodel, patio remodel, complete home remodel, or a garage remodel, and you are wanting to make sure your project runs smoothly, on budget, and on time, then the only contractor to consider is Valcon General. We will devote whatever time is necessary going over all the details of the remodeling project with our clients to ensure that all of their questions and concerns are answered, and Valcon General believes in taking these steps with their clients is the right thing to do to ensure the project will run smoothly.

    It’s because of these reasons, so many former clients highly recommend Valcon General to their family and friends for their remodeling projects. Over the past ten plus years, Valcon General has worked hard to maintain their superior reputation for professionalism and workmanship, all the while keeping their promise that the job is not complete until the client is satisfied it is. If you are considering a remodeling project for your Gilbert, AZ home, townhouse, or condo, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you on your next project.