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When you think of all the family gatherings during holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, one room that stands out from all the others when we talk about these gatherings is the kitchen. As most homeowners here in the Valley will tell you, the kitchen is the most used room in the house, the family’s favorite place to gather, and one of the first rooms homeowners would love to remodel. At Valcon General, in addition to your North Scottsdale dream kitchen being stylish, it needs to be functional as well, sort of like a well-oiled machine. We also understand that when you start out looking at remodeling your kitchen with all the possibilities there are out there today, it can cause quite a lot of stress in choosing the right kitchen for your particular family’s needs.

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At Valcon General, we work very hard to make sure your Phoenix kitchen remodeling project is as stress-free as possible. In starting on your kitchen remodel, one of the first steps is the cabinets. At Valcon General, we urge our clients to consider only top-quality custom cabinets. The reason for this is two-fold: custom cabinets are naturally built from superior products and will hold their value much longer, and with custom cabinets, we can design your kitchen with much more storage space that is made to your specific needs, making your kitchen much more user friendly. Also, you will have many more finishes and door styles to choose from as well as door handles. With Valcon General’s experience that our professional staff has, we can design the perfect cabinet layout that will not only fit your budget but will be the kitchen that you have always dreamed of cooking in.

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After your Scottsdale custom cabinets have been selected, we will start to look at what type of countertop that will not only enhance your cabinets but the overall look of your home. There is such a wide selection of styles to choose from whether you want granite, marble, synthetic stone, or tile countertops, and Valcon General can also design the perfect backsplash that will match both the countertops and the custom cabinets.

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Our next step is taking a look at what style of flooring will work best for your particular home. As you can imagine, there are many choices of flooring, and Valcon General will guide you through this process keeping in mind what will not only match and enhance your kitchen, but keeping your budget on track.

In addition to these first three big remodel items, we will also help you plan exactly which faucets will best fit your house, find you the right appliances to fit your cooking preferences, as well as helping you choose the right color of paint to bring the kitchen together. We go over each item to ensure our customer receives the kitchen design they wanted.

The Valcon General Kitchen Remodeling Process

Frequently Asked Questions About Phoenix Kitchen Remodeling

How Much Does A Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Budget range for a kitchen remodel can vary greatly and is highly dependent on what is involved in the process. Are you replacing just the countertops and sink, or ripping everything out and starting from scratch? Are appliances involved? The best way to receive an estimate is to speak with a Phoenix kitchen remodeling contractor at Valcon General.

How Much Does A Kitchen Remodel Cost?

How Long Will The Kitchen Remodel Take?

How Long Will The Kitchen Remodel Take?

As with the price, the time frame for your kitchen remodel is completely dependent on how detailed the remodeling process will be. Your contractor will be able to provide a realistic time frame.

Is Remodeling A Kitchen In Phoenix A Good Investment?

A kitchen remodel is an excellent investment into your home. Whether it is a small remodel with a few changes being made, or a whole gutting with a complete replacement, the enjoyment of your home and its resale value will increase. A small kitchen remodel can earn up to 83% return for your investment!

Is Remodeling A Kitchen In Phoenix A Good Investment?

What Should I Expect With A Kitchen Remodeling Contractor In Phoenix?

What Should I Expect With A Kitchen Remodeling Contractor?

When choosing a contractor to lead your kitchen remodel, it is important to spend time researching, reading reviews, and comparing estimates. You will want to choose someone with experience, licensure and insurance, and excellent ratings for their reliability, integrity, and excellent communication. Make sure the contractor you choose utilizes signed contracts up front. To learn more, contact our Phoenix kitchen renovation company!

Should I Make A Kitchen Remodel Budget Plan?

The best way to ensure you can financially invest in a kitchen remodel is to speak with a contractor. You can share your ideas and they can offer a professional perspective while providing realistic price ranges. Getting a clear price estimate will allow you to plan accordingly and ensure the remodel fits within your budget.

Should I Make A Kitchen Remodel Budget Plan for my Phoenix Kitchen makeover?

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